Public Interest Accountability Committee

Consultancy Services for the Development of Infographics Covering 2011-2018 PIAC Reports

    Project ID No: PIAC/IGr/001/19    
Assignment Title: Consultancy Services for the Development of Infographics Covering 2011-2018 PIAC Reports.
The Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) is a citizens-led statutory body established under Section 51 of the Petroleum Revenue Management Act (Act 815) to provide additional and independent oversight of the collection, allocation and utilisation of Ghana’s petroleum revenues. The Committee has three main objects as outlined in the PRMA which include:
1.    To monitor and evaluate compliance with the Act by government and relevant institutions in the management and use of petroleum revenues and investments;
2.    To provide space and platform for the public to debate on whether spending prospects and management and use of revenues conform to development priorities as provided under section 21 (3); and
3.    To provide independent assessment on the management and use of petroleum revenues to assist Parliament and the Executive in the oversight and the performance of related functions.

As part of efforts to broaden its information dissemination to cover a greater variety of audiences, PIAC seeks qualified consultants to develop a non-technical composite infographics of information contained in its reports from 2011 to 2018.

Objectives of the Assignment

The infographics are aimed at providing simplified, comprehensible and up-to-date user-friendly information to citizens. They will form part of a number of publicity materials to be deployed to enhance the Committee’s public outreach activities.

It would also provide a concise documentation of useful data and information for government and its relevant state institutions, PIAC’s stakeholder entities, Parliament, CSOs, and the media to follow-up and act on the findings and recommendations from PIAC reports. 

Tasks for the Consultant
1.    The Consultant will identify / recommend what in his / her professional view will be the most effective tools and materials to be employed in the development of the infographics for the purpose of an effective public education and dissemination during PIAC's  public events and district engagements;
2.    The Consultant, working with the Secretariat and Technical Sub-committee, will review and update existing infographics to include 2018 data on petroleum production from the various fields, liftings by the Joint Venture Partners ( IOCs & GNPC), volumes of natural gas and its derivatives sold to the GNGC and monies accrued, revenue inflows into the Petroleum Holding Fund (PHF), outflows from the PHF into the Annual Budget Funding Amount (ABFA) and the Ghana Petroleum Funds (GPFs) namely the Stabilisation and Heritage Funds, utilisation of ABFA in the selected four priority areas, utilisation of GNPC, GIIF and PIAC allocations;
3.    The Consultant will undertake an environmental scan of the categories of target audience and how the infographics may be made more user friendly to meet their  particular needs; and
4.    The Consultant shall produce a draft design of the infographics, validate the draft with the Technical Sub-committee and make a presentation of the final draft to the Committee.
A draft and finalised infographics of PIAC reports covering the period 2011-2018.
The assignment is expected to be completed within 10 days from the date of award of contract. 
The Consultant will report to the Committee through the joint Technical and Communication Sub-committees and the Secretariat.

Prospective Consultants must provide demonstrable evidence of appropriate skills, relevant complementary personnel and proof of having undertaken similar tasks. 
Application Process: 
1.    Submit a proposal for executing this work that articulates the specific competencies that your consultancy firm brings and suggest ways to approach the project. All documents should be in PDF. Please indicate PIAC INFOGRAPHICS at the back of the envelope. 

2.    Proposals should also include a work plan, budget, and references. 

3.    Email a soft copy of your application to  and hard copies (one original and three copies) must be delivered to the address below in person or by courier service no later than Friday, June 14, 2019 by 1700GMT.

4.    Subject line of email deliveries: PIAC Infographics Consultant 

Consultant may collaborate with other Consultant(s) to form a joint venture or a sub consultancy to enhance their qualifications.
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