Public Interest Accountability Committee

Who We Are

To fulfil our mandate of ensuring the efficient management of petroleum revenues for sustainable development.

A Statutory Institution committed to ensuring efficient, transparent and accountable management of petroleum revenues and investments to secure the greatest social and economic benefit for the people of Ghana through active engagement with government and citizens. This is accomplished by maintaining a balanced stance, exhibiting high integrity and remaining independent of sectional influences.

The Accountability Committee has three main objects as outlined in the PRMA;

1.    To monitor and evaluate compliance with the Act by government and relevant institutions in the management and use of petroleum revenues and investments;

2.    To provide space and platform for the public to debate on whether spending prospects and management and use of revenues conform to development priorities as provided under section 21 (3);

3.    To provide independent assessment on the management and use of petroleum revenues to assist parliament and the executive in the oversight and the performance of related functions.

The Committee’s functions include;
1.    To consult widely on best practice related to the management and use of petroleum revenues;
2.    Determine the rules of procedure under which it will operate.