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2024 Message from PIAC Chair


As one year ends and another one dawns, the new year opens up fresh opportunities in our respective institutions, PIAC not being an exception. Moving into our journey in 2024, it gives me exquisite pleasure, as the newly elected Chair of PIAC, and for that matter the first lady to be elected to this position, to extend warm felicitations from the newly reconstitutedCommittee and its new leadership. It is an absolute honour to express my sincere gratitude to all our esteemed members, past and present, partners, stakeholders, and staff. In our shared journey, your unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions have been outstanding.

Remarkable achievements have marked our mandate the past year, and for that, I would want to acknowledge the pivotal role each of you have played as an institution. With you we have created a network of collaboration and shared purpose that extend beyond our immediate institutions.

The world around us is changing rapidly including economies, industries, transportation, and energy, inter alia. The Paris agreement in 2015 on climate change, has hastened global discussions on the shift to a more sustainable and low carbon future through energy transition.

This shift will have enormous impact on oil production and revenues in the medium and long term. Hence the need for the development of new business strategies to transition risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities. PIAC is very much interested in the shift and how it is going to impact Ghana’s petroleum revenues and any risky bets.

We are excited about the opportunities lying ahead including exploring ways of enhancing and standardizing our reporting system with key reporting institutions. Your constant involvement and support as collaborators will be crucial while we navigate the evolving petroleum revenue management and investment landscape.

I would personally want to express my profound appreciation for the passion and commitment each of you brings to PIAC. Our collective success is a testament to the strength of our partnerships and dedication.

I look forward to the continued collaboration and shared accomplishments that the future holds. As a unified force, let us together strive to safeguard the benefits of our hydro-carbon resources for a meaningful and enduring legacy for this generation and for posterity.

-Emerita Professor Elizabeth Ardayfio-Schandorf

MMBBLS | Total Production
MMBBLS | Total Liftings
557.91 0
Billion USD | Total Receipt
8.79 0
Billion USD | Total Distribution
8.78 0

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