His research interests are in the areas of the extractive sector and their impacts on livelihoods, education and communities, development planning and management, governance and labour issues. He is a Senior Research Fellow with over 17 years of consultancy experience in baselines studies, environmental impact assessment and auditing, project evaluation, and development planning and management. He has conducted environmental, social and health baseline (ESH) study on Ghana for Eni Ghana Company Limited. Other baseline surveys that he has conducted are related to the environmental concerns of gold mining projects in Ghana. He is currently doing research on the environmental issues arising out of sand mining in the peri urban areas surrounding Accra and on financing of hydroelectric dams in Ghana.

Dr. Tenkorang has consulted for a number of governmental and non-governmental organisations in various aspects of development and environment, water management and community work for various clients including UNICEF, WACAM Ghana, OXFAM International, Ford Foundation, and Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). He has over 20 published researched articles and research reports to his credit.

Dr. Tenkorang is currently a steering committee member of the Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas, and a member of the Central Regional Peace Council, and the Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Conflict Resolution of the Central Regional Peace Council.

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