Mr Eric Keyman Defor is a Business Executive, Serial Entrepreneur and a Corporate Governance Practitioner with extensive leadership experience. Eric is passionate about helping the youth to develop leadership skills based on his core values of Trustworthiness, Equity, Accountability, Respect and Service (TEARS). He is currently the Managing Director of Vivendi Construction Co. Ltd and serves in other various roles. He is the Chairman of the Association of Ghana Industries – Construction Sector (AGI-CS), Quandzie & Associates – Legal Practitioners, and Cowrie Investment Fund Ltd. He is also a Member of various boards and committees including the Skills Sector Board of COTVET, (SSB – COTVET).

Every one of his works is covered with a mantle of sacredness, through which he demonstrates the importance of architecture as a means of expression of human memory. In 1998, he founded his own firm, Terris and Jaye, which grew into one of the nation’s largest political consulting firms. In 2006, he founded Storefront Political Media to provide political clients the full range of media and message services..

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